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Judy E. Vansiea, DNP, MA, MS, APRN, NPP -  - Psychiatry

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Judy E. Vansiea, DNP, MA, MS, APRN, NPP

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Are you searching for a dynamic motivational speaker to add to your convention, meeting, or conference? Judy E. Vansiea, DNP, MA, MS, APRN, NPP, at Coping Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry Services is a motivational speaker available for your speaking engagement. To learn more about the speaking engagement services, call the office in Uniondale, New York, or request information online today.

Speaking Engagement Q & A

What is a speaking engagement?

A speaking engagement is one of the services available at Coping Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry Services. Dr. Vansiea, the owner and founder, provides speaking engagements that aim to motivate and inspire your group, convention, meeting, conference, or seminar.

Dr. Vansiea uses her educational training as well as her personal experiences, to provide inspirational and motivational keynote speeches for churches and other organizations of faith, schools, colleges, and youth groups. Dr. Vansiea has worn and continues to wear many hats as a woman of faith, former wife, single mother, former soldier, former faculty member, an author, former Guardian Ad Litem, mediator, former first lady of the church, black and female leader and entrepreneur. Dr. Vansiea understands, respects and values culture with diversity being a Liberian born and raised, growing up in NYC too and living and being educated in the South, Midwest and East-Coast.

Dr. Vansiea is a living, breathing, and walking proof of God’s grace, overcoming hardships and pain. She knows how it feels to be a nurse, patient, and provider and effectively shares her testimony to engage, encourage, and empower the lives of others. 

She’s also an expert at diagnosing and treating psychiatric conditions. Through her work and inspiring talks, Dr. Vansiea hopes to break the stigma, labeling, and misconceptions surrounding mental health and the toll it takes on physical and emotional well-being. 

What are the speaking engagement topics?

Dr. Vansiea’s speaking engagements center on inspiration and motivation. She develops speeches that address the unique needs of your group, focusing on conveying a message of hope and empowerment. 

She also offers speaking topics that emphasize education, insight, awareness, and encouragement. Dr. Vansiea draws inspiration for her topics from her own experiences. 

Through her words, she has the ability to uplift someone else’s life and elicit feelings of hope by sharing her own journey of struggle and perseverance. 

Dr. Vansiea understands that life is a journey and through her speaking engagements, she hopes to instill in people the need to develop healthy coping skills that can help them get through their personal adversities and challenges. 

What can I expect during a speaking engagement?

You and your audience can expect short, engaging, and inspiring speeches during a speaking engagement with Dr. Vansiea. 

Leading by example, Dr. Vansiea encourages you, your group, and her patients to, “Live every day as if it’s your last and please do find laughter in it because we never know what the next chapter leads to.” In addition, please remember Dr. Vansiea tagline that "You are no good to anyone If you are no good to yourself."

To schedule a speaking engagement with Dr. Vansiea, call the Coping Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry Services office or book an appointment through the online scheduling tool today.