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Coping Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry Services owner and founder, Dr. Vansiea, offers a variety of effective speaking engagements for conventions, meetings, conferences and more.

Utilizing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), training as a Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry (NPP) and addiction counseling, as well as her personal experiences and struggles, Dr. Vansiea provides inspirational and motivational keynote speaking for churches, schools, colleges, youth groups, and organizations of faith.

She is the living, breathing and walking proof of God’s Grace and overcoming trials and tribulations. She knows how it feels to be the nurse, patient and provider. Offering moving speeches, Dr. Vansiea knows how to uplift someone else’s’ life and share a glimpse of hope in how she perseveres in her own journey. She understands that life is a journey and that we must find healthy coping skills to exist and coexist with the adversities of life.

By using her education and her experiences in her personal and professional life, Dr. Vansiea effectively shares her testimony to engage, encourage and empower the lives of others.


Dr. Vansiea's Quote

"Live every day as it's your last and please do find laughter in it because we never know what the next chapter leads to."


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